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Stayviz provides corporate and individual travelers with a choice of comfortable, affordable and convenient serviced apartments all around the world. Our company is based in central London (U.K) and it is part of the Web Whiz Ltd. We have extensive experience in this industry through our initial start-up portal of which has served over 3000 customers since its inception in 2008.

Stayviz revolutionizes the industry by making it easy to book an apartment in three simple steps (Search, Select and Book), just the way you book hotel rooms online. We work with multiple suppliers and currently have a wide range of choices for our customers with a network of over 190.000 serviced apartments worldwide, from studios to four bedroom apartments.

Each client is valuable for us. We offer personalized services irrespective of how big or small the task is. Our team of serviced apartments specialists help travelers to search and book the best accommodation according to their budget and needs, for short-term to long-term. We give expert advice to groups booking, corporate bookings, families, and relocation. Our service is free, we do not charge any booking fees or administration fees.

For businesses, we are the right choice as our team will try their best to accommodate your employees with complete comfort making their travel experience the most wonderful one. We believe in making long term relationships with our clients by meeting all their needs within competitive prices.

Our vision is to make serviced apartments a first choice of accommodation and we aim to achieve this by spreading and following the below values that are at the core of our organization.

  • 1- Integrity: We believe in doing what we said we would do and we do it ethically in all our transactions.
  • 2- Excellence: We integrate highest standards into our practices and always strive to exceed our own goals so as to deliver excellent service to our customers, affiliates, employees and other stakeholders.
  • 3- Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and decisions that we make as a company. We work with transparency and we welcome our clients to hold us accountable to our ideals, goals and promises.

Why Stayviz?

1- Home away from Home – In a Stayviz you can enjoy the comfort of home like place giving you the freedom to carry out any regular activity in comfort:

  • - Stayviz offer fully furnished space with kitchen, bedroom, living area and bathroom. On an average it offers at least 30% more space than a comparable hotel room.
  • Stayviz offer you the freedom to live the way you want to. For example, you can make a trip to the local grocery and preparing meals on your own kitchen whenever you want.
  • Serviced apartments always offer you that extra bit of privacy, which you will always miss in the hotels.

2- Cost effective – Stayviz offer value for money and could save up to 20% costs than a comparable hotel room.

  • - House Keeping: Maid service is usually provided less frequently than in a hotel (unless that otherwise requested), which lowers your total cost of stay.
  • - Internet: Most SStayviz operate free Internet or low cost Internet rates, opposite to the inflated Internet costs in hotels.
  • - Restaurants/Bar: Most Stayviz do not have a restaurant or bar facilities. This is normally not considered to be a disadvantage, as you have a choice of cooking your own meals in the apartment or going out to nearby restaurants and cafes. Hotels have restaurants, cafes and numerous staff in their premises, which increase their costs and ultimately passed on to their customers.
  • - Breakfast: In Stayviz, you do not pay for what you may not use unlike in hotels. For example, most hotel rates include breakfast, whether you have it or not.

3- Quality – serviced apartments are modern, contemporary and stylish and offer you high quality living.

  • - They are equipped with state of the art facilities such as fully equipped kitchens or kitchenettes, high quality bed linen, latest in-room technology (Wi-Fi, TV etc) and other necessary furnishings.

4- Flexibility Stayviz offer flexibility to book for short or long stays, right from one night to more than 1 month. The longer is your stay, the cheaper it gets!

  • - Stayviz offer you the flexibility to book one property that you can use for multiple members of staff over an extended period. By booking for long-term, you can create economies of scale; you get the benefit of great rates that hotels simply can’t match.
  • - Apartment types range from Studio Apartments (one room with combined living area and sleeping area, an open-plan kitchen or kitchenette and a separate bathroom), to Two, Three or Four Bedroom Apartments which offer a separate living area, a kitchen, one or more bathrooms and separate bedroom(s).

5- Eco friendly – Stayviz are environment friendly choice of accommodation than compare to hotels. It can help you to reduce the carbon footprints for your company and thereby meet your “Green” goals.

  • - Stayviz offer “clean and green” living, most apartments offers weekly linen/towel changes and apartment cleaning, just the way it happens in most homes, making this more environment friendly choice of living.